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Tuskers Elephant CollectionTuskers Elephant Collection
Tuskers Elephants Henry & Henrietta "First Aid"Henry & Henrietta "Ahoy There" Tuskers ElephantsTuskers Elephants Midnight Feast
Henry & Henrietta "Trunks Away" TuskersHenry & Henrietta "Teacher Comforts" TuskersTuskers Love Is - A Friend to Lean On
Tuskers Henry & Henrietta "Henry Fair Weather Friend"Tuskers Elephant with Flower Love Is - Love You This MuchTuskers Seeing Double Elphants
Tuskers Elephant in Wash Tub - Love is.. A Pamper DayTuskers Backtracking - Henry And Henrietta ElephantsTuskers Elephants Love Is - My Sweetheart
Henry & Henrietta "Incy Wincy" Tuskers ElephantsTuskers Elephants Beauty SleepTuskers "Like Father, Like Son" Male Elephant and Baby
Tuskers Snug As A Bug - Henry & HenriettaTuskers Henry Elephant & Embamba GiraffeTuskers Elephants & Ladybug Henry & Henrietta "Spotted You"
Tuskers Elephants - Zzzonked Out LE StatueTuskers Two Elephants with Cups - Love Is... My SisterTuskers Elephants Forty Winks
Tuskers A Close Knit FamilyHenry & Henrietta "Up, Up and Away" TuskersTuskers Elephants Love Is - A Magic Moment
Tuskers Elephant & Mice Love Is - A KissTuskers Elephants Love Is - My FriendTuskers Elephant with Baby Love Is - Watching Over You
Tuskers Elephants Gentle Giant LtdTuskers Elephants Henry & Henrietta "On the Up"Trunked - Tusker Sleeping On A Branch
"Little Squirt" Two Elephants Squirting Water TuskersLove Is - A Big Secret Tuskers Elephant with Engagement RingLove Is - Never Forgetting Tuskers Elephant
Stumped - Pair Of Tuskers Sleeping In A Tree"Love Entwined" Elephants Holding TrunksNighty Night God Bless Tuskers Elephants
Love Is - A Bunch of Love TuskersElephant Teaching Babies by TuskersElephants - Love Is...A Family by Tuskers
Funny Ele-Flop Tuskers Elephant StatueFamily Tree Elephants by Tuskers