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*** We apologize, but this item is no longer available.
MONOPOLY: Wyland Underwater World Edition
MONOPOLY: Wyland Underwater World Edition
Item#: MN040000

Product Description
World-renowned marine life artist Wyland has dived and painted the oceans for more than 25 years. Now Wyland fans and ocean lovers everywhere can experience the marvels of the deep sea through this Wyland-inspired MONOPOLY game.

Buy, sell and trade some of the most fascinating sea creatures like the Spinner Dolphin, Orca Whale and Sea Otter in an effort to control and protect our oceans, which cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface. This special edition of the world’s most famous board game teaches you all about the interesting creatures featured in the game and provides tips on ways to save the environment. Learn as you have fun, enjoy the beautiful artwork of Wyland and vie to protect and preserve our marine life in the MONOPOLY: Wyland Underwater World Edition. Includes 6 collectible pewter tokens including a Whale Tail, Turtle, Dolphin, Reef Fish, Starfish and Shark and even includes a 60 minute speed play option for a shorter game with the same amount of fun.

Ages 8 to Adult 2-6 players