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Pavilion Gift Kneeded Angel FigurinesPavilion Gift Kneeded Angel Figurines
Are you looking for that special piece to finish your home decor? Do you enjoy the serenity angels provide? Then you will love a beautiful piece from Pavilion Gifts' Kneeded Angel Collection. This collection of beautiful and unique angels is designed by Carol Graziano. The angels were originally crafted from bread dough and glue, now each elegant figurine is hand crafted so no two are the same. Each angel features a tailor made recipe card that details the heartfelt emotion and passion poured into each angel.

Birthstone Kneeded Angels
Special Friend - Kneeded Angels - Angel Holding a Pot of FlowersBest Friend Someone Special Kneeded Angel
Someone Special Angel with Flower Pot Kneeded Angels-DiscontinuedTenderness Kneeded Angel FigurineHugs & Kisses Barefoot Angel by Kneeded Angels
Passion Kneeded Angel FigurineBeautiful Holiday Kneeded Angels OrnamentBeautiful Day Kneeded Angel
Blessed Holiday Kneeded Angels OrnamentBelieving Angel by Kneeded AngelsCherished Moments Kneeded Angel Mother & Child
Choc-o-holic Angel by Kneeded AngelsDance Star Kneeded AngelEbony Someone Special Mother
Ebony Mother-To-Be Kneeded AngelEbony Special Daughter Kneeded AngelEbony Friendship Kneeded Angel
Ebony Someone Special Daughter Kneeded AngelsEbony Devotion - Kneeded AngelEbony Special Friends - Kneeded Angel
Ebony Special Sister-Kneeded AngelEbony Special Grandmother Kneeded AngelEbony Thinking of You-Kneeded Angel
Ebony Breast Cancer Survivor Kneeded AngelEbony Support Our Troops - Kneeded AngelEbony Someone Special - Godmother
Ebony Grandmother Someone Special Kneeded AngelEbony Survivor Someone Special Kneeded AngelEbony Mother Someone Special Kneeded Angels
Ebony Our Friendship is a gift... - Kneeded AngelEbony Someone Special FriendEbony Wishing Upon a Star- Kneeded Angel
Forever Friend Musical Kneeded Angel-RetiredFriendship Small Kneeded Angel FigurineFreedom Kneeded Angel with Dove
Grandmother Someone Special Boxed Kneeded AngelGood Luck Angel by Kneeded AngelsSurvivor Someone Special Boxed Kneeded Angel
Keeping Me in Your Heart Kneeded AngelMistletoe Kiss Kneeded Angels Ornament
Happy Birthday Kneeded Angels
Thinking of You Angel with Tulips - Kneeded Angels
Love Barefoot Angels by Kneeded AngelsHoliday Greeting Kneeded Angel Ornament
Ms. Greens Thumbs Kneeded Angel
Hope Barefoot Angel by Kneeded AngelsNurse Someone Special Boxed Kneeded Angel
Kneeded Angels Congratulations NewKneeded Angel Daughter Someone Special BoxedInspiration w/String of Stars Kneeded Angels
Ladybug Luck Kneeded AngelGuardian Angel Barefoot Angel by Kneeded AngelsLove Someone Special Kneeded Angel
Kneeded Angels - Heavenly HolidayPraise Small Kneeded Angel FigureYou're Special Barefoot Angel by Kneeded Angels
Special Sisters Needed Angels FigureSomeone Special Kneeded Angel BoxedGuardian Angel Kneeded Angels Someone Special Box
Ebony Someone Special AngelShop-a-holic - Ebony Kneeded AngelsEbony Tenderness Kneeded Angels
Shoe Lover by Kneeded AngelsTea Time Kneeded AngelSupporting Our Troops Kneeded Angels
Blessings Barefoot Angels by Kneeded AngelsKneeded Angels Blessed CommunionLittle Princess Kneeded Angel
Ebony Holiday Fun - Kneeded Angel OrnamentEbony Keeping Me in Your Heart - Kneeded AngelEbony Miracles Kneeded Angel with Baby
Ebony Serenity Kneeded AngelEbony Melody Kneeded AngelEbony I Said A Prayer For You - Kneeded Angel
Ebony - Love Is - Kneeded AngelEbony Happiness Kneeded AngelEbony Purity Kneeded Angel
Ebony Special Mother- Kneeded AngelEbony Love of Life  Kneeded AngelEbony Someone Special Sister
My Friend Barefoot Angel by Kneeded AngelsSpecial Godchild - Kneeded Angels