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Artesania Rinconada Rincababy LE White Set of 6
Artesania Rinconada Rincababy LE White Set of 6
Item#: AR-WHT
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Product Description
Limited Edition Silver Anniversary Rincababy White Set of 6 presented in a special boxed set of Rincababy animals. Only 500 sets issued and each is hand-numbered with the limited edition number. They are the color of whipping cream with white and 18K Gold accents.

Each Artesania Rinconada ceramic sculpture is hand-carved and detailed from fine grain earthenware ceramic material. The sculpture is fired and then decorated with a hand application of enamel colors and glazes to accent and highlight individual design characteristics. Each enamel glaze is then re-fired individually in order to preserve it's distinctive coloration.

Because variations occur in carving style and paint selection of each piece, no two figurines are exactly the same. This results in each figurine being a unique piece of collectible art.